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The Vastlands are full of life. Bacterial colonies burbling away in abandoned radioactive storage caverns. Megamorphic protozoa pulsating in the mud geysers. Fungal hybrids spreading through spore cloud events. Dreaming cycads spliced with symbiotic hydrozoan neural nets, the abandoned products of an earlier noösphere development programme. Dappled saltwater neo- amphibians colonizing new volcanic islands burping forth from the mist- shrouded Cyan Sea. Star-gazing machine-riddled birds devoting nights and days to ritual observations of the heavens. The last of the the ten thousand ten thousand latter-day sputniks chirping their forgotten electric songs in their near-void orbits about the world.

Zoa of the Vastlands is a creature generator supplement for the Ultraviolet Grasslands or any other science fantasy roleplaying game.

  • ~20 pages of content (for now)
  • 27 illustrations (for now)
  • dozens of tables to generate and modify new creatures based on terrestrial biological stock and strange fantascience
  • expanded rules for observing and researching strange creatures in the vast wilderness of the UVG and other trackless domains
  • new backgrounds and extras (NPCs) for the UVG (or other game looking for technomagical naturalists and an early 20th century vibe)

WARNING: This is a manuscript edition. This means the text is yet to be edited and proofread. There must be typos. An editor will be paid and the manuscript revised in due time, but there is always a lag with these things.


Buy Now$4.95 USD or more

In order to download this roleplay toybox you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

ZOA of the Vastlands v1.1.pdf 16 MB
ZOA of the Vastlands v1.1-lowres.pdf 832 kB

Download demo

ZOA of the Vastlands v1.1-preview.pdf 325 kB

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Does this work with UVG 2E? Or even better, is it system agnostic?

The creature generator is relatively system agnostic. It gives you tables to generate strange animals.

I need to update it to work more closely with UVG 2E.

Thanks for answering! I will keep an eye out for it then.

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A fantastic supplement to any game, outlining how to generate strange creatures, and giving you ways for players to interact with them.