Zoa of the Vastlands is live.

Hey folks,

Finally sharing Zoa beyond the patreon. It took a while to get here, I'm always a bit exhausted after finishing a book or game or any other product really. Anyway, this one is presented as a roleplay toybox. Not a game or supplement or module or things like that.

It expands the natural (and unnatural) environment of a wilderness-based roleplaying setting (like UVG) and provides some rules, hooks, and tables for creating a band of naturalists discovering, naming, and labelling new creatures together.  It also has some small rules for collaborative invention and creation of new creatures.

But, let's be honest. At heart it's a bunch of random encounter tables, isn't it? :)


ZOA of the Vastlands v1.1-preview.pdf 325 kB
May 22, 2020

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