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Witchburner is a novella-length tabletop rpg adventure. It's an intimate, tragic adventure of witch hunting in a town huddled between rivers and mountains and forests one wet and cold October.

Following the second funeral edition in September 2019, I've added an updated version 3 to the Witchburner game book. It now also includes:

  • Rules and suggestions for one-shot play.
  • Some more art.
  • A new cover.

Following the limited funeral edition print run back in January, I've finally gotten around to uploading the updated version! Its 70 pages include:

  • More character art.
  • Additional worksheets for managing relationships.

Over 64 pages the original halloween edition delivers a mostly system-neutral adventure with:

  • A brief description of the town with an ill-labelled map. Scrawl on it.
  • A detailed breakdown of how to run the social investigation adventure.
  • Simple rules for time, alcohol, love, fear, the mob, and, yes, torture (I mean, it's witchburner, after all).
  • A breakdown on how to adapt OSR stats for play on the fly.
  • A few random encounters.
  • Some "inexplicable witchcraft related phenoma".
  • A tracker for 30 key NPCs.
  • A massive, watch-by-watch breakdown of a whole 30-day month (October, if you're asking. The 31st is not included).
  • An even more massive breakdown of the aforementioned 30 townspeople (NPCs), their houses, treasures, secret lore, and household, giving you about 100 different NPCs.
  • An appendix with suggested music.
  • And a little art.
  • What people have said:

"Everything has this sense of horror ... these are people who survived [war] and can easily wind up burned to death by the party." —an editor.

"This is amazing. I started to read it over my morning coffee and couldn't put it down. I've never been so immersed by an RPG module before. The detail of the villagers, the town, the history, the weird, all awesome ... I would totally read a novel in this setting." —a patron.

This work was made possible with the gracious support of the heroes of the stratometaship (https://www.patreon.com/wizardthieffighter).

Additional print runs will be available via Exalted Funeral Press.


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

In order to download this ttrpg adventure you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Witchburner v1 Halloween Edition.pdf 8 MB
Witchburner v1.1 Halloween Edition.pdf 8 MB
Witchburner v2.01 Exalted Funeral First Edition - color pdf.pdf 8 MB
Witchburner v3 Exalted Funeral 3rd Edition - digital edition.pdf 9 MB

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Is there a physical copy of the game?

Yep, usually available via Exalted Funeral (though I think we're due for a third printing).

Ok, so I double checked. It's a very boring issue with a clerical error ... we'll do a third printing and it'll be available then.

Thanks for responding. I can't wait!

I purchased v2.01 from Exalted Funeral Feb. 2019. Would that get me v3 or is that a separate purchase?


Oof. A fair question. Do you have the .pdf?

If you do, I'd ideally like to see the .pdf on the Exalted Funeral website updated automagically ... but I'm not the wisest technology person herearound.

Cristin responded to my request to download the PDFs I'd purchased and the new version was included.