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Monochrome Rainbow is a mostly collaborative game, where the player(s) take on the roles of eidolons acting behind the veils of time and space and well-forgotten history to create the physical and human geography of a fantasy region of the Rainbowlands (a territory at the eastern edge of the Ultraviolet Grasslands).

It is a cross-over between a boardgame and a roleplaying game.

It requires the following:

  • One or more humans.
  • A few hours.
  • A few six-sided dice.
  • A token for each player.
  • A way to make symbols on a page or a screen. The miro app has been recommended as a digital visual collaboration tool.
  • The regional map from Monochrome Rainbows (this game).

This anti-canon world-building game can be used in lieu of a setting or gazzetteer to generate a unique Rainbowlands to be used with the Ultraviolet Grasslands and/or Uranium Butterflies. It will also, of course, work with many other roleplaying games, like Mothership, Troika!, OSE, Rifts, The Famous Fifth Edition Ampersand Game, Black Hack, PbtA, CoC, etc., etc.

Free to Share

This v0.1-libre edition is explicitly free to share. All content remains copyright of Luka Rejec. After some polishing, the game engine and some affinity source files for making your own monochrome rainbows-style regions will probably be released under a creative commons license. I’m just a human, so: patience.

This v0.1-libre edition is provided as is. It's a work in progress and I may add more regions. Some of the rules may change in later editions. Some of the content may change. If you fall in love with something from this version, I cannot promise it will be saved in a later version.


And fun world-building :)


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