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The Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City is a tabletop role-playing game book, half setting, half adventure, and half epic trip; inspired by psychedelic heavy metal, the Dying Earth genre, and classic Oregon Trail games. It leads a group of ‘heroes’ into the depths of a vast and mythic steppe filled with the detritus of time and space and fuzzy riffs.

  • 32 ready-to-run destinations
  • scores of strange discoveries to pepper around your world
  • a few mini-adventures and a generative lunar dungeon
  • over 200 color illustrations
  • 7 unusual factions, from sentient mind-controlling cats to many-bodied porcelain princes, and dozens of backgrounds for characters
  • preview of SEACAT game system but written to be system-light and easily ported to the game system of your choice, from D&D 5E to GLOG to PbtA.
  • equipment for the ultraviolet wastes
  • long-distance travel rules
  • caravan rules and unusual trade goods
  • spells, biomagical corruption, portal gates, and a ton of strange items
  • history, climate, and discovery generators
  • color referee screen
  • a very long vertical map

For physical copies, visit Exalted Funeral.

The UVG is the work of the designer, artist, and writer Luka Rejec and was made possible through the generous support of hundreds of discerning fans at the Stratometaship patreon. Luka's previous work includes illustrating Chris Kutalik's acid fantasy Misty Isles of the Eld, co-writing What Ho Frog Demons with the Hydra Coöperative, and writing, art, and design on the twice-sold-out adventure of witch-hunting: Witchburner.


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

In order to download this psychedelic setting you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

UVG Referee Screen v3.1 booklet.pdf 7 MB
UVG The Referee Screen v3.1 landscape.pdf 146 kB
Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City - v1.91ii.pdf 41 MB
UVG Big Map.pdf 3 MB

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Hi! I was wondering if there are any plans to do a reprint of the UltraViolet Grasslands hardcover? Cheers!

If we backed the kickstarter, is there a way to get PDFs of the Referee screen and big maps?

Yep. There is - those should be free ... uhh ... somewhere. But it's a good point. I'll set them up as free content here on itch, too!

Here's a link! https://wizardthieffighter.itch.io/uvg-free-extras

Wow, these are fantastic! Thank you! 

Ah! I should have purchased here on Itch! I bought from Exalted Funeral but didn’t get the Big Map PDF and other bits, just the main book...

I'll put them up here for free!


Here's a link: https://wizardthieffighter.itch.io/uvg-free-extras



Also I LOVE this game. Thank you so much for creating it!

Thank you! ^_^


I am also in the kickstarter but I got also this offer :-)

Couldn't be helped, I suppose! :)

You can share it with some other folks you know. Thank you deeply for your backing!


I tried to use the workersday code for the free pdf copy, but I didn't know where to put the code and accidentally bought it instead. I dunno where else to message you. Little help please?


I did too. :x


Add the promo code to the end of the URL

Arggh ... only saw this right now. Try this URL: https://wizardthieffighter.itch.io/uvgworkersday

It was the first time I did a coupon thingy, and I wasn't sure where / how to do it myself.

Super confused. Your promo says it will be from "meaning night" of 5/1, but you took post a Tweet of it coming down early 5/2. Disappointed at the meaning of 42 hours means.

Bit of a bad pun - "meaning night" = "midnight" ---> because it lasted 42 hours from midnight on May 1st (CET, I think). I couldn't figure out how to set the itch.io sale timezone.


I love what I've read! Can't wait until I actually have the time to run it. :)


Thank you! Glad to hear!