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Hello! Recently discovered this and would love to purchase a physical copy, but I couldn't find it in stock anywhere. Will there be another print run any time soon?

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I have two questions! 

1. The link to the Exalted Funeral page doesn't seem to work...I'm just wondering if that's because it's sold out, and not because it doesn't exist. But will that link be updated in the future?

2. What psychedelic heavy metal do you recommend we play in the background to run the game? I’m thinking something like Clutch or Hawkwind.


Is there any chance for another print run of the Ultraviolet Grasslands hardcover edition in the future? Maybe as part of an upcoming kickstarter or something like that? Would be very nice cos I cannot pay the collector's prices on the market. :(


There is!

I am actually working on a 2nd Edition right now :)


Wow. Very cool! :D


Thank you!

Wish you a happy New Year with less insecurities you mentioned in your blog post :)


Amazing! Looking forward to it.


Q) What's the difference between "Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City - v1.91ii - Digital Edition.pdf" from Itch and "Ultraviolet_Grasslands_Book_v2.0.pdf" from Exalted?

I own both, the digital edition PDF is bookmarked and is a fraction of the size.

Does the 2.0 version contain any text changes / errata from 1.91ii?



They are basically the same. The Exalted pdf is from the print edition, hence the larger size (the dpi of the images is larger). It doesn't have bookmarks because, again, a for-print .pdf.

We're discussing a new print run next year, which may see some slightly larger updates and will also include a digital file.

Cheers :)

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> a new print run next year, which may see some slightly larger updates


Been meaning to get this for ages and just picked it up from Exalted Funeral for their Black Friday sale! I've seen though the gorgeous GM screen and printed map that had come with the Kickstarter; is there anywhere you can still purchase either of these (especially the GM screen)? I have them digitally from where you posted them on itch, but it's always nicer to have them professionally printed.

Thank you for that! I hope you enjoy it :)

We've been talking about reprints for the map and screen, but nothing fixed yet. We'll announce them when we know!


Oh great, I'm definitely looking forward to it then! Thanks for the update :)

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Hi Luka! I just purchased the latest Print edition of UVG from Exhalted Funeral, can't wait to receive it! A question for you though - the purchase included a PDF, but the file is for the main book ONLY - is there any way to get access to the Big Map, Referee Screen and Referee Booklet listed above?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found them!

Yep, was going to say - there's a free separate file with those :) - don't spread it around, but I am planning to polish up the map a little bit soon :)


Hey Luka! Just want to drop a line and let you know that UVG is one of my favorite RPGs of all time and a huge inspiration. Thanks for creating such an amazing setting!

Thank you! I'm super happy to hear you enjoy it ^_^

I hope you'll like the next one, too :)

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Same question - still staring at that "Out of stock while reprint pending" note on ExaltedFuneral!

Yeah, my hope is they'll be up soon! I don't have anything to do directly with the production and shipping of the physical books ...
Though ... uhh ... it's possible that the 3rd reprint has sold out again. ... I see these two posts are 210 days apart, so that is quite possible.

I'll check.

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fingers perpetually crossed, even for the softcover being restocked :)

I picked up the PDF but it’s just not the same!


If we backed the kickstarter, is there a way to get PDFs of the Referee screen and big maps?


Yep. There is - those should be free ... uhh ... somewhere. But it's a good point. I'll set them up as free content here on itch, too!


Here's a link!

Wow, these are fantastic! Thank you! 

Ah! I should have purchased here on Itch! I bought from Exalted Funeral but didn’t get the Big Map PDF and other bits, just the main book...

I'll put them up here for free!


Here's a link:



Also I LOVE this game. Thank you so much for creating it!

Thank you! ^_^


I am also in the kickstarter but I got also this offer :-)

Couldn't be helped, I suppose! :)

You can share it with some other folks you know. Thank you deeply for your backing!


I tried to use the workersday code for the free pdf copy, but I didn't know where to put the code and accidentally bought it instead. I dunno where else to message you. Little help please?


I did too. :x


Add the promo code to the end of the URL

Arggh ... only saw this right now. Try this URL:

It was the first time I did a coupon thingy, and I wasn't sure where / how to do it myself.

Super confused. Your promo says it will be from "meaning night" of 5/1, but you took post a Tweet of it coming down early 5/2. Disappointed at the meaning of 42 hours means.

Bit of a bad pun - "meaning night" = "midnight" ---> because it lasted 42 hours from midnight on May 1st (CET, I think). I couldn't figure out how to set the sale timezone.


I love what I've read! Can't wait until I actually have the time to run it. :)


Thank you! Glad to hear!