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Standardcat is a 24-page Affinity Publisher template suitable for self-publishing roleplaying games. The template includes:

  • a pdf version of the template for universal access
  • 2 page sizes (A5 and 5.5 x 8.5in)
  • complete set of heading, body, table, header and footer text styles
  • alternating row colour table format
  • several styles to help format stat blocks
  • designed with two freely available fonts: Alegreya and Cooper Hewitt (please download separately and respect the fonts' licenses. A useful site is www.fontsquirrel.com)
  • title and end pages
  • colophon (copyright page)
  • table of contents
  • overview of content area
  • example d6 and d30 lists
  • single-column and two-column example layouts
  • various image size examples
  • a license for you to use the template to create your own works

NOTE: This template only works with the Affinity Publisher software. This template is distributed as is. It works with Affinity Publisher as of summer 2022. I do not guarantee regular updates of these template files.

Bonus Example Location

The template also includes a UVG-style location (compatible with that product), including:

  • misfortune table
  • local conditions, denizens, and desirables
  • a typical local lifeform (kabaliths, the living spirit stones) and spell (living stone)
  • three sub-locations (the Pink City, Tombs of Vorhad's Acolytes, and the Undying Megalith of Tabo).

This location is formatted for the SEACAT rpg system, a d20 system loosely compatible with most of the wider post-D&D ecosystem. Levels = HD, life = hp.


I hope you find the template useful for your own design projects. It distills many lessons I have (sometimes painfully) learned over the years of creating roleplaying games.

I also hope you find the sample content useful as inspiration for laying out and creating your own exciting new rpg games.

Welcome aboard, you're all designers now :)



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Standard Seacat A5 v0.3.afpub
Standard Seacat A5 v0.3.pdf 5 MB
Standard Seacat A5 v0.3.aftemplate
Standard Seacat 55x85 v0.3.pdf 5 MB
Standard Seacat 55x85 v0.3.aftemplate 914 kB
Standard Seacat 55x85 v0.3.afpub 914 kB
Standard Seacat 55x85 v0.31.aftemplate 914 kB
Standard Seacat A5 v0.31.aftemplate 876 kB
Standard Seacat A5 v0.31.afpub 876 kB
Standard Seacat 55x85 v0.31.afpub 914 kB

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Simple, clean and complete, very good job !




Thank you so much for sharing this amazing resource !

Glad it helped!


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