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WARNING! This is currently a MANUSCRIPT EDITION. This module still has to visit its editors and achieve its final layout. If you are buying it now, you are supporting its author and artist and contributing to its production. The final edition will be updated to this title.

Get A Head is rules-loose science fantasy rpg module inspired by the fantastically ridiculous Boorman movie Zardoz. A trail of destruction and devastation leads to a head-shaped flying fortress protected by gun-wielding savages. Will they manage to capture it?

  • 40 pages
  • compatible with the Ultraviolet Grasslands and Seacat
  • moral conundrums and vicious raiders
  • different approaches to getting inside the head
  • illustrated split-level map of the head
  • five strange NPCs
  • 15-room breakdown of the head
  • guidelines for heroes operating the head
  • game changes and new goals if they take over the head
  • 30 possible challenges encountered while flying the malfunctioning giant head
  • 14 illustrations

Be aware before you buy:

Descriptive writing: stat blocks are very minimalist, so it will take a little adaptation to fit to your table.

Interaction before combat: a group should be able to play through it almost entirely avoiding combat.

Old School Aesthetics: The module does not have balanced combat encounters. It prioritizes figuring out ways to avoid head-on combat. The GM should check the equipment of the savages and see if they want to adjust it for their own table. That said, a large party of 3rd–5th level heroes with a large supply of henchmen should be able to defeat the enemies.

Satire: the tone of the module veers between a little bit of horror and quite a lot of humor.

If you enjoyed this module, or would like to support new projects I am working on, join the Stratometaship. Current projects are the Ultraviolet Hero Book companion for the UVG and, of course, the upcoming big book, Red Sky Dead City. See you there!


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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This seems fun

I trust it is :D ... it can certainly be very silly!


Smol Update: I recently got RRYPO edited, so this game will be getting an upgrade! And some new tables!