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Visit the village of Grain Gourde for the traditional harvest festival to celebrate the end of Noddersmonth and usher in the new winter! Try out the pumpkin pie eating contest. Experience the Grand Residential Hotel inside the largest habitable gourd in the known vasty world! Hunt life-like rat analogues in the tavern cellars as you pretend to be an old-world re-renaissance dungeon delver! Visit the ancestral manor of the Autumnisle ancestors!

A few-page roleplaying location of exploration and investigation and camp.

- 4 pages
- 1 village panorama
- 2 maps
- 15 tables or so
- some assembly required (hey, it's an rpg!)

Inspired by Stepford crossed with Invasion of the Bodysnatchers and hints of Get Out, all marinated in some Wickerman (mostly the original). Also a few gentle shoutouts to the Peanuts.

Maps graciously created from Dyson Logos' "release the kraken" patreon project (http://2020/06/20/release-the-kraken-on-the-infested-hall/).


“Green Sun is —setting
to sleep and Winter —white greet.
Eaves creak and —groan, 
leaves yellow and —roan.
Lift, lift the —veil. 
All-harvester pre-vail,
come oh come now,
judge, yes, re—new.”

Renewal Song, Traditional.


Good cheer and good health, everyone, on this eve of all the hallows.



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